Pillar 5 – Learning Environments

Students thrive in learning environments that promote academic achievement, teamwork and communication. We provide optimal, collaborative classroom design and furniture that integrate with your school’s technology.

Common challenges

A collaborative classroom offers a huge shift away from strictly directed individual activity and equips students with the skills needed for 21st century careers. But creating such an environment requires specialist material and careful implementation.


Our solutions

We work with suppliers that only specialise in collaborative classroom furniture and accessories. The innovative learning environments they create will empower students to communicate with their peers, think critically about concepts, and guide each other through team-oriented problem solving.

How it works in practice

In a traditional classroom, the focus is on strictly directed individual study. In a digital age learning environment, students interact with others located all around them.
Collaborative classroom furniture adapts perfectly to the new digital age learning concept, because it is infinitely more flexible:

Arc-shaped or trapezoidal desks can easily be clustered, set into circles and rows or separated to stand alone. This provides total flexibility for any variety of class styles, including group projects, debates and lectures—but also traditional testing or individual study when required.

Mobile walls help maximise or minimise space depending on class size. They also provide sound reduction. With no guides or railings needed, they are easy to install, operate and take up little space when opened.

Furniture that is specially created for use in education environments is safe and ergonomic, and integrates smoothly with your classroom technology.


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