Pillar 4 – Hardware

Every school’s technology needs are different. We tailor solutions to fit you, through our partnerships with leading computer, learning device and mobile brands, as well as interactive whiteboards, file services and wireless local area networks.

Common challenges

The use of classroom technology can be a friend or foe to teachers and students. Knowing what equipment to purchase; determining whether technical issues originate with the teacher, student or computer; connectivity problems between existing devices. These can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Our solutions

We know schools are often under pressure to do more with less. Technology has to work for you in a way that’s stress-free and cost-effective. That’s why our solutions are tailor-made, simple to use and affordable.

How it works in practice

For hardware, we partner with leading suppliers, and we also manufacture our own education-specific technology solutions which until now were not available anywhere else. All of our technology is designed to provide sustainable solutions to pedagogical challenges found in real classrooms today.

Synchronising hardware

These include, but are not limited to, interactive whiteboards and displays, tablets, laptops, chargers and multi-charger stations, printers, video collaboration tools, 3D and virtual technology, projectors and more. As well as all the right software to synchronise these and make them run seamlessly with each other.

Seamless integration

This brings us to another important aspect that we look after—device and connection compatibility. We ensure that all your learning hardware interacts smoothly with each other and with your internal and external networks. Many schools have invested in expensive technology that they are not using to its fullest potential because of connectivity or compatibility problems. We make sure that your teachers and students benefit from the hardware and devices that you purchase, from day one.

You can count on our team of experts to...

Help you understand the benefits that different hardware solutions or devices can bring your learning institution.

Assist you in selecting the technology that best suits your requirements and budget.

Install all equipment including screens, computers, learning devices and their accessories, as well as intranet connection in your classrooms, and personalise them to your preference so they are ready to use.

Ensure that you have the correct, compatible software, so that you can start making the most of your investment from the get-go.

Make sure that all connections are private and secure, and help you deploy your digital devices efficiently.

It’s important to note too, that our help and support doesn’t end once the hardware is in place. Our support staff is trained to understand the demands of the digital education environment and will be there to provide ongoing help for your students, teachers and administrative staff.

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