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Ogitech builds global educational projects where technology and pedagogy go hand in hand. For the last 12 years, we have been working to provide quality technology-enhanced learning both in the classroom and at home. To achieve this, we align our Six Pillars approach with UNESCO’s demands for the digitalisation of education.

Our aim is to close digital and literacy barriers for all learners and teachers; offer meaningful, localised education training and content; measure the impact of technology on learning outcomes and strengthen the role and the capabilities of educators.

A word about COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge for educational systems worldwide. It has exposed the drastic impact that a lack of access to broadband, digital equipment or a supportive learning environment can have on students.

In the last year, many governments, universities and schools have been forced to implement stop-gap learning fixes via technology that is not primarily designed for pedagogical use. Likewise, many educators have had to provide digital learning experiences without the right tools and, often, without the right capabilities.

It is now amply clear that things can change quickly and, regardless of location or socio-economic circumstances, it is all too easy for young people to be left behind. We have everything to gain from taking action now.

5 Big wins for digital learners and educators

Digital era learning environments give students more responsibility and a pivotal role in their own education, paving the ground for 21st-century career success.

Technology-enhanced learning allows students to get more value from individual study. Saving face to face time for richer, more synergic learning experiences.

Data from learning analytics provides a solid basis for personalised tuition, with tailored support in the areas where individual students are struggling.

Technology training provides educators with the skills and confidence to create dynamic, interactive learning experiences for their pupils.

Digital leadership programs help the education workforce to set out their vision for digital transformation—and bring it to fruition.

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