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For any child today, the promise of digitalised education is immense. Access to knowledge and classroom technology not only aid learning, but equip students with the digital skills they need for future careers.

A real opportunity to bridging the gap

Yet too many young people remain on the wrong side of the digital barrier. According to UNESCO, almost 80% of students in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to the internet at home. In Western Europe and the USA, digital learning has become a sought after but often elusive lifeline for children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At ogitech, we recognize that digital learning matters, beyond geography or any immediate crisis. The pressing question now is not whether we should invest in digital learning, but how we can do it with greater urgency worldwide.

Solutions defined by you

When it comes to the digitalisation of schools, we know that one size does not fit all. There are as many digital solutions as there are learning institutions.

For that reason, we pioneer a unique approach. From the small things to the big picture, our comprehensive services can be tailored to include as many or few aspects of digitalisation as you need:

  • Grant funding
  • Internet access solutions
  • Classroom technology and hardware
  • Digital learning platforms
  • Collaborative learning environment design and furniture
  • Ongoing training for educators
  • Support for students and parents

Our Team

In nine locations worldwide, our exceptional team of people have more than a decade of experience working with governments, local authorities, learning organisations and educators.

Every day, our talented technicians, engineers, pedagogues, civil servants and business managers meet students who dream of a better future through education. That’s what sparks our passion to innovate and embed value in everything we do.

Welcome to Ogitech

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